Financial benefits: made-to-measure, eco-friendly heating solution

From hotels, wine growers and plant nurseries to large commercial businesses:
GILLES has been renowned for decades for heating systems that remain exceptionally reliable under tough continuous use. Having originally specialised in large boilers with outputs of 180 kW and upwards, we have particular expertise in this sector. These boiler systems feature solid components, exclusive use of control elements to industry standards and motors from well known manufacturers from Austria and Germany. All projects are custom designed with tailored sizing, depending on the specific requirements and the fuel used (woodchips, pellets, biogenic fuels). With systems up to 2.5 MW output, GILLES offers a uniquely broad range!

Pellet and wood chip heating made in Austria:

from Gmunden to the whole of Europe

Designed for peak performance

With our extensive experience of the practical requirements of heating solutions and hot water supply in the industrial segment, all GILLES systems are designed for continuous high performance use. Extremely solid components with thick steel plates are as integral to our products as control elements in line with industry standards and motors exclusively from quality Austrian and German manufacturers.

Technology for every need

GILLES offers the right combustion system for every type of material across the wide spectrum of fuels based on waste organic matter – from conventional woodchips or pellets of all kinds to waste wood, corncobs, elephant grass, oilseed rape straw and other biogenic fuels. GILLES has the right solution for fuels ranging from very dry to very moist. A fully automatic cleaning system for the heat exchanger that functions without interrupting operation has been devised for all boilers, and efficiency of up to 95 % speaks for itself.

Control units to industry standards

The GILLES Touch Industry represents an innovation in the industrial sector. Particular emphasis was placed on simplified handling, resulting in cutting-edge control processes and procedures which ensure that even complicated combustion parameters can be set intuitively. The large 10.1 inch colour screen has been designed in accordance with general industry standards. The control unit can be precisely customised to the user's requirements and the system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere over the internet. The industry control cabinet has a highly flexible design, so that the individual components can be adapted to changing needs.

Rapid service and
spare parts supply

As a manufacturer, we know our systems and all their individual parts inside out. We can therefore identify the causes of any problems quickly and guarantee a swift solution. We keep all parts essential for operation in stock, and our own service technicians and reliable partners personally ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum. We are also available to advise and assist our customers all over Europe at all times!