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Wood chip boiler with the latest moving step grate technology. 

The new highly efficient HPK-VR 80, 98 & 110 can not only optimally burn wood chips with a high water content or bark/needle component. Even corn stems, rapeseed straw and Miscanthus (elephant grass) are burnt efficiently.


HPK-VR 80, 98, 110


Burning of less than ideal and clinker
   creating materials possible

For example: Wood chips with high
   water content, maize cores, oil seed
   rape straw and Miscanthus, etc.

Fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning
   and under grate ash discharge take place
   without stopping the boiler
Fully automatic ash discharge designed
   to cope with clinker that may form due to
   chosen fuel

High efficiency up to 95,4%
 The test figures surpass the high
   requirements of the eco-labelling "UZ37"
   from Austria and the Blue Angel
   eco label from Germany

 More on the subject
 The convenient heating control system with touchscreen operation.
   Storage and fuel transport systems
 For wood chip plants we provide various systems for the transport of
 the wood chips.
   Examples of planning
 Implemented examples of planning for various requirements.
    Video HPK-VR Moving step grate boiler
The simplicity of operation with the new moving step grate boiler
 in a video.

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