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After three years of development and testing, GILLES has been setting new standards in operation of large industrial heating boilers for wood chips and pellets since 2016. Handling is much easier, but the options are all the more diverse.

„For me as a customer, it is important that I can operate industrial systems easily“ ‐ Walter Bammer, owner of the Drack sawmill.

The task was simplifying complicated setting parameters for the complex combustion process by programming the control with state-of-the-art controllers and defined process steps. GILLES Touch Industrial is now an absolute novelty in hardware and software alike.


Gilles Touch Industry


  • 10.1" Touch colour display
  • Design according to general industry standards
  • PLC in modular construction of B&R
  • Motor control by hybrid motor starter
  • Modulating operation of the boiler
  • Remote maintenance of the boiler via Internet* by GILLES
  • Visualisation for smart phone, tablet or PC
  • automatic fault message by e-mail
*Internet access must be established by the customer

The system GILLES Touch was originally designed for all Gilles pellet boilers and wood chip boilers up to 225 kW and has been very successfully used since 2011. Our know-how gained from this could be used in the best manner for further development into the GILLES TOUCH INDUSTRIAL control. All industrial heatings and commercial heatings are serially equipped with the new Gilles Touch Industrial heating control.
The touch display is deliberately large with its 10.1“, since this essentially facilitates overview and operation for the user.

The intuitive menu design will enable everyone to find their way around the system and permits calling or reading up on all important information quickly. The many expansion options permits completely customising the control to the customer's requirements. Features such as e-mail notification at fault or history of all boiler information are integrated. If the customer wants to make configurations, this should be easy and uncomplicated.

The overall overview and the many configuration options of the individual parameters essentially simplify handling for our customers.

Gilles Touch Industry Startbild

Picture above: The 10.1" large touch display shows all important information, such as boiler status, temperatures, Lambda value and unit conditions at one glance.

Gilles Touch Industry Einstellungen

Picture above: All necessary setting parameters are displayed well-structured for the user. Adjustment to the respective fuel properties is possible within a few seconds.

Gilles Touch Industry Trendanzeige

Picture above: All important boiler values are recorded continually in the live trend. The operator can configure his trends individually. The data are saved in the background for 2 years and can be called from the system via USB or internet* at any time.
*Internet access must be established by the customer

Visualisierung auf Tablet


Permits monitoring and control of your
GILLES pellet heating or wood chip heating for industry, commerce, hotels and gastronomy by smart phone, tablet or PC. From any point in the world!


The motto of the new industrial control panel is "Compact". Every component has been put on the test bench, which permitted many simplifications. Flexibility of the individual components is important here, to permit quick and uncomplicated reaction to different requirements.

The well-structured control panel with fewer components and terminals at the same time means fewer fault sources and lower maintenance costs. There is enough free space in the new control panel for possible future updates as well.

A modular PLC by B&R is installed as the system core. The X20 System by B&R corresponds to the highest technical industrial standards. In combination with the new hybrid motor starters of Phönix, the control panel size could be considerably reduced to 600 x 760 x 350 mm and the weight to below 50 kg. CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter technology combines wear-free semi-conductor technology with robust relay technology. This way, these hybrid motor starters live up to 10 times longer than purely mechanical switching contactors!

Schaltschrank mit Gilles Touch Industry Aussenansicht Schaltschrank mit Gilles Touch Industry Innenansicht

Control panel sizes: 600 x 760 x 350 mm, weight: < 50 kg