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Since 2011, all pellet and wood chip heatings at Gilles at a performance size up to 225 kW are equipped with the innovative heating control 'GILLES TOUCH'. This is a very comfortable heating control system that is serially equipped with a touch screen operation. The intuitive menu guidance with images makes operation of the heating child's play.

Plus X Award Gilles Touch Steuerung
Gilles Touch Heizungssteuerung


  • Integrated heating circuit control
  • Buffer and DHW control
  • Cascade control
  • Optimal and simple configuration for different fuels
  • All heating functions adjustable via smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Fault messages by e-mail
  • Remote access
  • Trend recording
  • Higher efficiency
  • Power-saving (energy-efficient control of the electrical components)
  • Gentle control of the drive units (components: Ignition fan, shunt pump, fuel supply)
  • Outstanding with the PLUS-X-AWARD in 3 categories
    (quality, design, ease of use)


GLOBAL: Additionally and without surcharge, the heating system can also be controlled by internet using a smart phone, tablet or PC. This way, you can monitor or control your heating system online even if you are not at home.

The modern touch display permits simple operation of the heating. No matter if you want to alter the heating circuits settings or check the burner status. From anywhere in the world!

You will also receive error notifications and status information by e-mail or optionally by text message.

REMOTE MAINTENANCE: We can connect to the system online when you inform us of an error message.

If you agree and if there is an open internet connection, our engineers can review the heating online after an error notification. The error cause can be determined online and removed at once in the best case. In any case, the online analysis permits ordering a service visit as quickly as possible, which contains the right spare parts right away. This saves valuable time and costs.

This brings optimal comfort, perfect control and reduces heating costs even more.

Gilles Touch auf Smartphone Logo Gilles Touch mobile


Gilles Touch Uebersicht

The individual parameters can be selected by simple and self-explanatory symbols on the start page.

  • Boiler and burner status evident
  • Status display - which components are currently active
  • All important parameters, such as temperatures, O2-value, blower performance, appear directly at the main screen
  • Chimney sweep function


This use brings high comfort for the user of the GILLES pellet heating or the wood chip heating. Until now, only the room thermostat could be used to regulate and control the heating circuits - now the GILLES-Touch can control and regulate any heating circuit, buffer, DHW tank, etc. by smart phone, tablet or PC.

Gilles Touch Wärmeverteilung

Up to 30 different heating circuits can be controlled with the Gilles Touch controller.

From the floor heating to radiators, water tanks, buffers or solar facility - every heating circuit can be monitored and set well-structured on the large display.

Gilles Touch Anfahrtentlastung

Buffer, DHW-tanks, heating circuit or solar system - all heating circuits are controlled in an operator-friendly manner with the touch display.

E.g.: Flow temperature, night economy mode, heating times, etc. can be changed in the simplest manner.

Gilles Touch Solaranzeige

With or without switching valve: the solar controller of the GILLES Touch offers maximum comfort.

A two-zone charging is implemented by a switching valve. Lean back: the solar controller of the GILLES Touch will do the rest for you.


Gilles Touch Trendanzeige

All values that are displayed in the Gilles Touch control are graphically displayed the same in the trend recording and locally saved for 6 months.

This trend recording can be illustrated in an Excel sheet and also exported via USB-stick.

Trend recording helps our service engineers in precise analysis of whether your heating is properly adjusted to the currently used fuel or other relevant environmental conditions during the annual boiler service.

This in turn helps you save costs.


Gilles Touch in Schaltschrank verbaut

The boiler control panel is either integrated in the boiler body up to HPK-RA 59 or beyond that supplied in a wall hung switch cabinet.