Private homes

Modernisation, new build and boiler replacement:
the right heating solution for every need

Eco-friendly heating systems precisely tailored to your requirements. GILLES offers efficient boilers that provide the best solutions for renewable fuels (very low emissions, high efficiency, low consumption). GILLES solutions for pellets, woodchips and logs are guaranteed to be sustainable and carbon neutral!

Biomass heating systems made in Austria -

successful across Europe, starting in Gmunden

Your environmentally friendly quotation







Maximum heating comfort thanks to fully automatic systems.

  • From 12.5 kW
  • Wood pellets are carbon neutral and odourless
  • Various storage options can be arranged
  • Up to 60 % cost savings compared to oil
  • Subsidies from certain Austrian states of €1400 to €8600
Estimated price

From € 6,990 to € 12,900

Ideal for detached and two-family houses!


Heating with a local fuel and a clear conscience!

  • From 25 kW
  • Woodchips are carbon neutral and odourless
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High efficiency
  • Up to 70 % cost savings compared to oil
  • Subsidies from certain Austrian states of €1400 to €8600
Estimated price

From € 14,400 to € 17,900

Ideal for two-family houses and apartment buildings!

Easy operation

Modern comfort at great prices

GILLES heating systems are very straightforward to adjust, with self-explanatory symbols that save on lengthy operating instructions. Control via smartphone or tablet allows you to monitor and control the system while you are away on holiday. The good price/performance ratio of our boilers and low cost heating materials ensure a rapid return on your investment.

Experience since 1992

High quality and robust for a long service life

Our considerable experience with industrial heating systems is also reflected in our smaller systems. A particularly robust design and thick steel plates guarantee maximum durability. All control elements and motors are made by quality manufacturers from Austria and Germany. All the design engineering, electrical engineering, design and software are developed in-house by GILLES.

Customised design

Expertise direct from the manufacturer

At GILLES, we have precise knowledge of our products and know exactly how best to meet your needs! We can therefore customise your heating system accordingly. It will also be installed by one of our own teams or selected installation partners.

Indigenous fuel,
carbon neutral, sustainable
and futureproof

Whether you use woodchips, pellets or logs, heating with wood – a regenerative raw material – significantly reduces your carbon footprint. Regional added value also secures local jobs, unlike the fossil fuels oil and gas. Modern combustion and control technology ensures highly efficient and clean combustion with very low emissions.