District heating solutions with a future:
sustainable heating systems

GILLES specialises in extremely robust boilers with outputs ranging from 180 kW to 2.5 MW. These allow a carbon neutral supply of heat. Thanks to our well founded industry experience, the boilers are designed for high performance operation on a continuous basis, due to their solid components and the fact that we only use control elements to industry standards and motors from renowned Austrian and German manufacturers. The benefits of a GILLES system are rounded off by direct service from the manufacturer and rapid spare parts delivery.

Pellet and wood chip heating made in Austria:

from Gmunden to the whole of Europe

Low heating costs

Running a district heating boiler system on pellets, woodchips, biogenic fuels (e.g. corncobs, elephant grass, oilseed rape straw, etc.) and waste wood (e.g. vine shoots, sawdust, etc.) not only ensures an excellent life cycle assessment and high efficiency, but also results in low heating costs! Furthermore, GILLES boilers also meet precise requirements with regard to size and technical features – to ensure smooth operation in practice.

Technology customised to suit the fuel

GILLES offers the right combustion system for every type of material across the wide spectrum of fuels based on waste organic matter – from waste wood, conventional woodchips or pellets of all kinds, corncobs, elephant grass, oilseed rape straw and other biogenic fuels. GILLES has an optimum solution for both very dry and very moist fuels. A fully automatic cleaning system for the heat exchanger that functions without interrupting operation has been devised for all boilers, and efficiency of up to 95 % speaks for itself.

A smart solution for any situation

GILLES puts a great deal of thought into the detail. With the compact heating container solution, complete heating systems including fuel storage are available in a short time at low cost. They can be perfectly adapted to the specific requirements on site. The GILLES control unit is also groundbreaking. With a 10.1 inch touchscreen developed in-house, a boiler can be operated effortlessly and controlled anywhere, at any time, over the internet.


District heating carries great responsibility. It is therefore all the more important that we as the manufacturer know our systems and all their individual parts inside out. The causes of any problems that arise can then be quickly identified and solutions promptly provided. Downtimes are kept to a minimum, thanks to the expert help of our technicians and the fact that we keep a permanent stock of all parts essential for operation, and use our own service technicians and reliable partners. This applies all over Europe.