Directors Wolfgang Krämer and Helmut Höllhuber in conversation about developments last year and an outlook for 2013

Mr. Krämer, how was 2012 for Gilles?

W.K.: Our business developed well in 2012. Also thanks to the constantly high oil and gas prices we could increase our sales by 10 %. In 2012 we put a lot of resources into the development of new products. The innovations were presented at the Energy Saving Expo (Energiesparmesse).

Mr Höllhuber, what has happened within Gilles in the past financial year?

H.H.: Due to the growing business and our future expansion intentions we have increased our number of employees from just under 70 to almost 80 staff. We are proud of the fact that we can offer more employees a secure work place. We have also found additional warehouse capacity, to guarantee a smooth delivery of customer orders. And in 2012 we have set up our ERP system (ERP system for processing of customer orders and the internal processes) in a completely new way. So there was a lot going on..

Mr. Krämer, can you tell us more about the above-mentioned innovations, that you presented at the Energy Saving Expo (Energiesparmesse) 2013 in Wels?

W.K.: We have now worked for one and a half year under intense pressure on the development of a new Heating boiler generation (moving step grate boiler). The first prototypes were installed in 2012 and have been running throughout the winter without any problems. These new boilers can optimally burn, in addition to the traditional fuels of wood chips and pellets also difficult fuels, for example, wood chips with high water content, wood chips with a high proportion of bark or needles, corncobs, rapeseed straw, Miscantus etc.

Furthermore at the Energy Saving Expo (Energiesparmesse) we presented our newly developed heating circuit control system, which is now fully integrated in the Touch controls of our systems. Our customers will love the easy operation. Also you can easily set all rooms in your house from anywhere via internet.

Mr Höllhuber, what can we look forward to in 2013 from Gilles?

H.H.: Immediately after the Energy Saving Expo (Energiesparmesse) we will open our new training centre with an exhibition in Regau right next to the motorway. Our systems and innovations can be seen in the new exhibition centre. From middle of March 2013 there will be our new sales and training centre. We will also continue to work intensively in 2013 on the development of new products. We are now known as one of the most innovative companies in our industry. And in addition, in the last six months we placed a lot of emphasis on overseas operation which we will be continuing to pursue vigorously.

GILLES is really looking forward to the coming year!

Wolfgang Krämer       Mag. Helmut Höllhuber
Geschäftsführer            Geschäftsführer

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